COVID-19 – UK Update

Many people will have seen the headline on Thursday 12th March that Scotland’s First Minister advised that mass gatherings of 500 people or more should be cancelled from the start of next week.  As far as we are aware the ban, at this time, is in relation to frontline emergency staff having to be in attendance at these events. As frontline emergency staff do not attend our events unless arranged by the organiser there is no direct impact.    However, this information is changing on an almost daily basis and we advise competition organisers to work with their venue and be guided by any restrictions put in place by the venue, local council or government.  We continue to try and get information directly from the Scottish Government to advise our event organisers.

Attendees at any events should follow advice given by health services and their local area/council.

Organisers of events outwith the UK will be guided by the restrictions put in place by their local area / government and supported by their national organisations i.e. ABHDI, FUSTA, OBHD(SA), ScotDance Canada, ScotDance New Zealand.

If you have queries regarding whether or not particular events are going ahead please contact the organiser directly. We will post via our Facebook page of any events that we have been advised are being cancelled/postponed.

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