Virtual Events

The RSOBHD Office Bearers have met with organisers of various “virtual” planned events as per the request from the Board membership at their recent meeting on May 17th.  

Following on from those discussions the agreed outcome in those meetings was to ensure that, in the short-term, these events were performance related and not competitive.

Longer term, as suggested by the Board membership, we will investigate the possibility of creating a set of guidelines which will cover off what is safe and equitable across the entire dancing community to provide performance and motivational events which meet with Child Protection and equality issues. Our desire is to ensure our dancers are engaged and motivated in a safe and protected environment whilst being mindful of the dancers’ health and well-being during these uncertain times. 

We do appreciate the current innovative ideas being suggested by many groups throughout the world, however we trust that everyone understands the importance of us, first and foremost, producing a clear set of guidelines to be adopted by our entire world wide community for the protection of all of our participants.

The task in hand of creating a set of guidelines has commenced however we would welcome any suggestions or comments. These should be sent to the Board, either through your dance organisations and teaching associations or direct by email to the Director of Administration at RSOBHD HQ in Edinburgh.

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